Opera Ball

Opera Ball

Opernball (Original Title)

In Vienna at the turn of the 19th into the 20th Century, the preparations for the annual ball are going forward at the court opera. Against this background, the inevitable amorous entanglements develop, but they’re always somewhat frivolous. Philipp has the hots for the maid Hanni. Flirtations and affairs are taking place among the ladies and gentlemen of high society, just as they do among their hirelings and the waiters. For the duration of the ball, the strict social conventions which are part of it are both enforced and ignored.

1h 47min
December 22, 1939
Admin comments

Another gem. This is what I call class. Opernball has a lot of enjoyment and charm, lavish costumes and sets, comedy that genuinely entertains. The comedy really does sparkle, and the storytelling is elaborate and snappily paced with plenty of parts to make one laugh and go ah. Its characters are delightful and the music is beautiful and tuneful, the most famous being "In Chambre Séparée" (colloquial for "Komm Mit Mir Ins Chambre Séparée".

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