Operette (Original Title)

The young actor Franz Jauner receives a commission to direct a work at Theater an der Wien thanks to the director Marie Geistinger. In spite of their working well together, they get into a fight and Jauner moves to the Carl Theater, where he is celebrated for his triumphs with operettas. His carerr leads him to the court opera and then to the Ringtheater. After a fire breaks out at his first premiere at the Ringtheater, he is sentenced to serve a few months in prison and tries in vain to enter the theater world again after his release. Once again, it is Marie Geistinger, who gives him his chance.

1h 47min
August 16, 1940
Admin comments

Willi Forst gives an excellent performance as Jauner, whose desire for perfection is expressed by Forst with a tantalizing glee. While joyfully biting into her diva side, the stunning Maria Holst gives Geistinger a fantastic confidence which shimmers in every set piece, as the curtain goes up on the Operette. It brings together 2 gentlemen of the German/Austrian cinema: Forst himself and Siegfried Breuer (as devious as ever) in lead roles. The overall splendid cast includes Curd Jürgens who is almost unrecognizable. The music is played brilliantly by the Wiener Philharmoniker; The movie contains elaborate scenes from famous European operettas. The ballets and dances are graceful. It is the first film in director Willi Forst's "Viennese Trilogy" followed by Vienna Blood (1942) and Viennese Girls (1945).

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