Hitler Youth Quex (Digitally Remastered)

Hitler Youth Quex (Digitally Remastered)

Hitlerjunge Quex (Original Title)

In the depths of the Great Depression and in the waning days of the crumbling Weimar Republic, a poor Berlin youth is torn between loyalty to his unemployed Communist father and his ever-growing fascination to the Hitler Youth movement.

1h 35min
September 19, 1933
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Admin comments

Another masterpiece of inspiring propaganda. The short unhappy life of Herbert Norkus, a young member of the Hitler Youth who was killed by Communist street thugs (present Antifa/BLM) is the basis of this film. And if you compare this film with the woke bs that gets pumped out today, every contemporary movie should be called propaganda and certainly not in any positive sense. This movie is mostly about bravery, self-sacrifice, moral purity, patriotism and courage. These values are not held high in this contemporary uber eats and pill popping generation. They are the essence of survival for any nation, whatever ideology they may have. The very inspirational martial song you hear vocally and instrumentally throughout the film was the official song of the Hitler Youth, and the words were written by Baldur Von Schirath the organizer of the group. Compare the Nazi vision for teenagers with the degrading condition they are in today. What would you prefer? Also, another very important point. In this movie, Nazis emphasize their view of a nation as one family, regardless of social status and classes.

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