Flüchtlinge (Original Title)

The year is 1928. There is war in Manchuria. Thousands flee from the fought-for city of Harbin, among them, thousands of Volga-Germans from Russia. Since it is war, everyone thinks about himself first: even women and children have to fight for their lives on their own. The refugees are constantly harassed by Soviet soldiers, although they are on international territory. Suddenly, an elegant officer by the name of Arneth appears before the oppressed group. Apparently, he is of German heritage, but he wears a Chinese uniform. At first, he isunsympathetic to the repellant masses, but finally, he bonds to the refugees and wishes to help them obtain a train to Beijing. In spite of numerous obstacles, attacks by mutineers and enemy soldiers, Arneth is successful in getting them their train.

Admin comments

It's a fitfully suspenseful action drama which depicts its German protagonists (and Germans in general) more sympathetically than Soviets and Chinese. The photography by Fritz Arno Wagner is absolutely impeccable throughout. Also, Germans accurately portrayed all these international (league of nations, united nations) peace conferences (commissions) as totally wasteful and ineffective. All these peace agents sit in comfort and talk with no action taken, while, outside, people live on the streets and die.

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