Regine (Original Title)

Frank returns to his homeland as an engineer, falls in love with Regine, the housemaid of his uncle, and marries her. Thanks to the intrigues of Floris, one of Frank's rejects, Regine is suspected of having an affair with another man. Depressed and desperate, she intends to commit suicide.

1h 30min
January 7, 1935
Admin comments

This film has a lot going for it. There is the talented Wahlbrook, then still billed as Adolf Wahlbrück, who has good opportunities and makes the most of them. There is Olga Tschechowa, the archetypal nasty bitch, who even gets to recite her philosophy of dirty tricks to a charmed party of her invited guests. And there is the very young Luise Ulrich, who could be Judy Holiday's twin sister, just as charming, dizzy, and delightful. On top of that, we get quite a bit of scenery along the Rhine of 1935 and in the villages and towns, all historic stuff. Also, the ship "Bremen" and a vintage Lufthansa airplane being boarded (complete with a swastika on the tail, in case you're squeamish about such things). Social manners of the day are also highlighted. In short, there's plenty to see and hear, too -- the composer has done quite a bit of inventive scoring. Schubert's Unfinished also makes a brief but welcome appearance.

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