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Wunschkonzert (Original Title)

During the 1936 summer Olympics in Berlin, the young Inge Wagner meets a Luftwaffe officer, Herbert Koch. After only a few days in each other's company, they fall hopelessly in love. However, before they can marry, Herbert is sent off to Spain as part of the Legion Condor to help Franco's side in the Spanish Civil War. Since the mission is secret, he can't tell anyone, even Inge, about his orders, nor can he make contact with anyone while in Spain. Finally, after suffering a bad wound in combat, Herbert writes Inge a letter, but this ends up getting lost in the mail. Not getting an answer back, Herbert becomes disappointed and decides not to write again. Inge, however, has not forgotten Herbert and is willing to wait for him.

1h 43min
December 30, 1940
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