Ride to Freedom

Ride to Freedom

Ritt in die Freiheit (Original Title)

Poland, 1831. The oppression of the populace by the Russians after a failed Polish uprising gets worse and worse. The regiments of the Polish Army are divided up among Russian garrisons and are commanded by Russian officers. Disputes take place every day and there is an undercurrent of dissatisfaction in the Polish Army. The Polish Captain Staniewski and his friend Captain Wolski wait only for the day when Poland once again can rise up in rebellion. When one day, Katherine, the sister of the Russian governor, appears in the garrison, Staniewski falls in love with her. Wolski, who in the meantime has conquered the heart of a young Pole, is horrified; for he knows, that is his best friend carries out his plan to ask Katherine to be his wife and she says yes, then the Polish cause is lost.

1h 32min
January 14, 1937
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