S.A.-Mann Brand (Original Title)

film tells the story of a young truck driver who is having trouble making ends meet until he is exposed to the teachings of Adolf Hitler, and he joins the S.A., aka Storm Troopers, and manages to convert his father--a former soldier with Marxist leanings--and his girlfriend of the rightness of the Nazi cause.

1h 34min
December 30, 1933
Admin comments

It's good propaganda and a well-acted movie with decent production values. Two things I would like to point out. First, that Nazi’s correctly pointed out, in their portrayal of sybaritic Alexander Turow, that communists seek and enjoy luxury while claiming they are fighting for proletarian causes. Look at their American contemporaries - “progressives”. The same. The second point is that their methods have not changed in 100 years. They intimidate and harass people who disagree, and pressure employers to fire them (what they did to Hans Brand). Reminds one of Antifa/Blm, other wokers and cancel culture, doesn’t it? To substantiate my point, I would like to reference New York Post article "Jewish gangsters once took on Nazis in the streets of NYC" published on 5/7/22. Jewish gangsters once took on nazis in the streets of NYC. Here a Jewish former US congressman and judge Nathan Perelman enlists Jewish career criminals and contract killers to beat and mutilate Nazi sympathizers in NYC. The article states Nathan Perelman knew that Bund's actions were not illegal and that they exercised their constitutional rights. Looks like Nathan Perelman had no issues with Jewish Stalin's/communist's sympathizers in NYC. You can extrapolate this event on the situation in Germany. Jewish communists and their ethnic German comrades were intimidating political opposition and enlisting the law enforcement agencies to do their bidding exactly how it was depicted in this movie. Read about recent Michael Sussman affair. Sounds familiar!?

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