Sensational Trial: Casilla

Sensational Trial: Casilla

Sensationsprozess Casilla (Original Title)

On a flight from Dakar to Casablanca, the famous lawyer Vandegrift and his daughter Jessie get to know the prisoner, Peter Roland -- but under the most unfavorable circumstances: The pilots got ill during the flight and only Peter knows how to land the plane. In return, Vandegrift promises Peter, that he’ll represent him during his murder trial. Peter has been accused of kidnapping the child star Binnie Casilla and killing her.

1h 49min
September 22, 1939
Admin comments

Casilla is one of the best court dramas of its era. This is supported by a great acting, an interesting script and exceptional dialogues. Heinrich George, in the title role, once again proved that he is a real virtuoso of acting. An interesting fact is that the film was banned from showing by the so-called democratic countries (USA), after the defeat of Germany, due to the fact that it critically depicted the American legal system and American society in general. As someone who is very familiar with the American legal system and society, I can say that they look much more flattering in the movie than they really are.

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