Suburban Cabaret

Suburban Cabaret

Vorstadtvarieté (Original Title)

The young draftsman Josef Kernthaler wishes to journey to Vienna in the year 1913 to marry his girlfriend, Mizzi Ebeseder, whose parents run the vaudeville show, “Die Praterspatzen”. However, he’s drafted into the Kaiser’s army and has to leave his fiancée behind. As a precaution, he sends her into the countryside to prevent her from performing in the vaudeville show. Mizzi, however, doesn’t last long in the boondocks. She breaks her agreement with him and returns to become a singer of great success. A high-ranking military worshipper entices her to his apartment and through an unhappy coincidence, runs Into Josef there, who immediately suspects her of infidelity.

1h 33min
January 17, 1935
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