The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Munchhausen (Original Title)

Germany's answer to the Wizard of Oz, this 1943 production was put together at lavish expense (and equally lavish color) in the middle of the Second World War. As the fortunes of war turned against Germany, the public wanted to be able to see something in the cinemas besides newsreels and stale propaganda. What better way could there be to forget the depressing defeat at Stalingrad, the clearing of Africa by the Anglo-Americans and the collapse of their allies in Italy than to watch an upbeat fantasy film starring such great actors as Ferdinand Marion and Hans Albers in rich AGFA colors? Entertaining and positively wondrous considering all Germany had to deal with on the frontlines and on the homefront, where Allied bombs were making life more and more unpleasant.

2h 0min
August 6, 1943
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