The Angel With A Harp

The Angel With A Harp

Der Engel mit dem Saitenspiel (Original Title)

Achim and Vera are friends and live an uncomplicated and happy life .... that is, until they get into their first serious argument on how they should spend New Years' Eve. Vera wants to celebrate with friends, while Achim wants to go off to a lonely mountain hut. And so, he goes off alone into the mountains. In the hut, he meets the student Susanne, with whom he spends New Years' Eve; gets to know well; and falls in love with. Unfortunately, through misfortune, they lose sight of each other afterwards. They didn't even bother to exchange names and addresses! And so, with Craigslist not yet in existence, it seems very unlikely they'll ever see one another again.

1h 41min
December 19, 1944
Admin comments

A brilliant lyrical drama of Heinz Ruemann performed by a magnificent cast headed by Hertha Feiler, Hans Soehnker, Hans Nielsen and Susanne von Almassy. There is also a marvelous turn as a manservant by Erich Ponto who steals all of his scenes. Tremendous production values and an excellent score by Ruemann's favored composer Werner Bochmann. This film premiered right before Christmas 1944. How did Germany manage to produce this beauty under the carpet bombing? There's one noticeable musical number, an instrumental piece performed on about ten concert grands (on 108th min.)

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