The bat

The bat

Die fledermaus (Original Title)

Filmed in the closing days of the Second World War, this 1945 treatment of Johann Strauss' Die Fledermaus is nothing less than a tribute to the technical and innovative genius of the German film industry. While the film is doubtless entertaining, I do not speak of the genius of its director or the actors, but the actual quality of the film: the colors are incredibly vibrant and spectacular; and that is no mean feat for an industry, which -- though often given preferential treatment by Goebbels' Ministry of Propaganda -- was just as much subject to wartime shortages of material as anyone else. Fans of this operetta will not at all be disappointed by the transfer of this story onto film; but even if you're not a fan, the sharpness, clarity and vividness of the production's color photography will satisfy you for sure.

1h 40min
September 6, 1948
Admin comments

Wow. This is the best film adaption of this classical operetta, with Strauss' music, magnificent costumes, and - for that time - glorious color. It is astonishing that the crew and the cast were able to make such a lavish, beautiful and very witty film under the circumstances. Drunken and babbling Herr Frosch is hilarious. Pay attention to the magnificent 1001 nights dance at 44-47 min.

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