The Black Robe

The Black Robe

Die schwarze Robe (Original Title)

Baron Friedberg was not only successful in raising a capable daughter named Irene but is also responsible for three talented protégés: Maria has become a successful lawyer, who has married the talented painter, Uwe; and Irene intends to marry Friedberg’s third protégé, Dr. Bergold, who has made a name for himself in archaeology. Unfortunately, her relationship with him is not exactly blessed. Maria is so buried in her career that she totally neglects her marriage. And so it happens that Irene and Uwe have a short, but powerful, affair. Iren’s predictable divorce from mean Dr. Bergold takes a dramatic turn, and she kills her husband during a fight. Maria takes over her defense and the trial brings up all the painful secrets of the past.

1h 47min
September 4, 1944
Admin comments

The film is worth watching especially for Lotte Koch's part (particularly her plea at the end, which opens quite a complex system of loyalties and addresses the natural healing powers of motherhood) which represents the female lead as an unusually self-controlled and independent character for a film from 1944. The movie raises the issue of balance between a career and a family for a professional woman. This film is also notable for displaying a national-socialist vision for a just/fair/equitable Aryan court (legal system). The main idea of the Aryan court is that a prosecutor, defense, and a judge work together to provide justice. It looks very favorable to the unjust/unfair/unequitable American court (legal system) on both federal and state levels. In addition, in the national-socialist court all expenses are covered by the government. As opposed to the legal system in the USA, where law enforcement agencies and crooked attorneys can easily bring middle income people to financial ruin.

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