The Court Concert

The Court Concert

Das Hofkonzert (Original Title)

At the royal court of Immendingen a bad mood prevails. The annual court concert is about to be ruined, because the court singer Pinelli is once again indisposed. The chamberlain, the State Minister von Arnegg, and the director are clueless and Serenissimus, the prince, is heartbroken. He very much wants to hear a beloved song, which the pretty Angelika Cavallieri sang for him some twenty years earlier. He often thinks wistfully on this period of time and the short, happy love he experienced with her. Thus, Belotti, a young, gifted singer, has to be fetched from Munich. The Court Concert (German: Das Hofkonzert) is a 1936 German historical romantic comedy film directed by Detlef Sierck (later known as Douglas Sirk), and starring Mártha Eggerth, Johannes Heesters, and Kurt Meisel.[1] It was made by the largest German studio UFA, based on Das kleine Hofkonzert. It is part of a group of operetta films made during the 1930s. A separate French-language version was also made.

It was remade by Tobis Film in the later stages of the Second World War using agfacolor, but the resulting film didn't get a release until 1948.

1h 25min
December 18, 1936
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