The Degenhardts

The Degenhardts

Die Degenhardts (Original Title)

A stuffy old civil servant is forced to retire just when he thinks he's about to be promoted. But when his son, a Navy submariner, is lost at sea during World War II, and his city is heavily bombed by English bombers, his old patriotism is re-awakened, and he determines to be of use to his country once again. It is one of the few movies of its kind that depicts everyday life in Germany during the War.

1h 33min
July 6, 1944
Admin comments

Heinrich George, who plays the lead, is great to watch as always. His performance in "Die Degenhardts" is clearly heartfelt and often very moving. The episode when he is notified of his retirement is worth mentioning. The masterclass in acting. But George's Herr Degenhardt is not a one-dimensional Prussian who lives only for his work. He's also a devoted husband and father, a patriot and decorated war veteran, and a man of culture who plays both the cello and the french horn. In short, he is the epitome of the traditional German virtues that the National-Socialists were promoting for the purpose of creating the ideal society.

Compare and contrast with a new Jewish-Marxist’s Hollywood “hero” of our times- pathetic and sorrow loser Otto in “A man called Otto”. Here, the main purpose of one’s life should be helping warm hearted and caring immigrants and bequeathing one’s estate to them.

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