The Emperor of California

The Emperor of California

Der Kaiser von Kalifornien (Original Title)

For Johann August Suter, America is the promised land. At home, in Germany, he was being chased by debtors and so had to leave, abandoning his wife and children. In America, he finds happiness. It's the 1830s and the country is still far from fully developed. In the area that will be named 'California' later on, Suter snatchs up a piece of land after an arduous and adventurous journey. With the power of idealism, he succeeds in bringing about what seemed unpromising: In the middle of nowhere he creates a gigantic empire. One farm after another is being built under his leadership and soon they call him the awesome "Emperor of California." Now's the time for finally send for his wife and children, who've been waiting a long time for news from him. But once they safely arrive, disaster strikes the family: Gold is found on Suter's land and countless prospectors fall on his kingdom like so many locusts. The fields are destroyed; the herds massacred. But Suter doesn't surrender to fate: he will fight for his rights in court, no matter what happens.

1h 37min
March 24, 1936
  • admin
    November 30, 2021


    10 out of 10

  • admin
    March 5, 2024


    7 out of 10

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