The enchanted day

The enchanted day

Der verzauberte Tag (Original Title)

This romantic drama was banned by the censors in Nazi Germany and saw its debut only after a decade had passed. Winnie Markus plays Christine, who together with her friend Anni, works as a saleswoman in a train station kiosk. And together, they hang onto their dreams of a fulfilled love. The reality, however, is quite different: Anni’s admirer Maximillian exists only in her fantasies and Christine’s mother wants to marry her off to the stuff accountant Rudolf Krummholz. One day, Christine --- a believer in fate --- discovers the man of her dreams in a transiting train: He’s the artist Albrecht Goetz and Christine ends up spending a passionate night with him. But Albrecht does not believe in predestination; so their common happiness does not appear to be long-lasting.

1h 16min
May 17, 1944
Admin comments

Another brilliant movie in the poetic realism genre. There are a lot of striking elements about "Der verzauberte Tag". There's the beautiful camera work done by Georg Krause and Pewas' incredible sense for montages, often blending singular images together. The acting feels natural and varied and the story could be interpreted in an emancipatory and feminist way.

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