The Frontshow

The Frontshow

Die Frontschau (Original Title)

"One of the rarest cinematic documents to survive the war, Germany's Front Shows offer a unique perspective of Hitler's 1941 Russian campaign. Skillfully blending German frontline footage and captured Soviet combat film, the programs depict the German soldier in battle, on forced marches, building forts and shelters, and coping with .climatic hardships. Censored from the public, the features were screened to recruits to help prepare them for the realities of the east.

This program Features:
*FS 5/6 ""Mountain Troops Battle For a Town"" Depicting the assault on Baronowice in Soviet Eastern Poland in 1941.

FS 3 ""Advance"" German infantry and armor traverse Russia's dusty roads, in this lively feature showing the right and wrong ways to move troops behind the front.

FS 2 ""Russian Construction of Positions"" The Red Army's formidable, elaborate defensive belt German propaganda called the ""Stalin Line"" is shown in detail after capture late in 1941.

FS 4 ""Infantry on the Attack"" Supported by artillery, German infantry and soldiers of the SS Totenkopf division attack Soviet positions near the Valday Heights in late summer 1941.

FS 9/10 ""Construction of Positions and Shelters for the Fighting Troops or Those in Rest Areas"".

*FS 7 ""Attack by Infantry and Armor Against a Village"".

FS 13 ""Traveling Across Ice Surfaces and Waters with Drifting Ice""

*FS 8 ""Defensive Battle in Winter"" - Filmed by German cameramen on the Leningrad Front 1943

FS 11 ""Terrain Difficulties in the East, Winter and Spring"""

0h 45min
December 31, 1942
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