The Fugitive from Chicago

The Fugitive from Chicago

Der Flüchtling aus Chicago (Original Title)

Werner Dux, heir of the big car company "Dux-Werke", is a gambler who has just been arrested in Chicago for shooting a cardsharper. While in jail, he learns from his friend Michael Nissen that his father has died recently. That means that the Dux-Werke are without a leader at the moment, for Werner's cousin Steffie, who is his co-heiress, is still too young to run the firm. In this situation, Werner convinces his friend Michael, who is an engineer by profession, to take over the firm as long as he is in jail and to pose as him. Michael agrees and is able to bring the firm up again. He even arranges a reliability test for motorcycles via Istanbul, Rome and Barcelona, which creates a big Turkish order for the company. When the real Werner escapes from jail and arrives in Germany, it looks as if the whole story is up to bust. But Werner needs money, so he convinces Michael to go on as before and hand over all profits of the firm to him.

1h 48min
January 31, 1934
Admin comments

Well-made and entertaining film. National socialists, in portraying a factory owner, Nissen (Frohlich), emphasized their view of a society as one family with no class divisions, where capitalists and their workers have common interests and share profits, where the main cause for a capitalist should be the welfare of his workers and the well-being of his country. It looks like that the National socialist economical ideology viewed modern/global economical/financial tools like mergers and acquisitions with suspicion. In their opinion mergers and acquisitions lead to reduced production, layoffs and management lining their pockets. They were not far from the truth.

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