The Girl from the Marsh Croft

The Girl from the Marsh Croft

Das Mädchen vom Moorhof (Original Title)

The servant Helga Christmann is made pregnant by a farmer and is chased away, because the farmer denies being the father of the child. Helga decides not to sue him, because she doesn't want to force him to commit perjury. The inhabitants of the area know, however, that Helga is telling the truth. When the farmer's son Karsten Dittmar gives the woman a job at his farm, fate seems to have turned once again in Helga's favor. But a short time later, Karsten's future wife shows up at the estate and forces her fiancee to dismiss Helga.

1h 22min
October 30, 1935
Admin comments

"Possibly most resonant about The Girl from the Marsh Court is the specificity of its rural and regional milieu: with its linked sausages hanging from the rafters in thick, coiled ropes; its square-cut fields of peat-moss bordering the farm in blocked rows; its shard-and-sharpened steel implements of scythes and shears framing the entranceways; and, otherwise, a (significantly) cooling pot of cream-and-potato soup laying calmly undisturbed at the end of a long bridal banquet table. All are as important to the film’s developing drama as plucking an “unsuitable” girl from a townsquare gathering of hopeful applicants, arriving late to a church service with a woman not one’s affianced, and eventually carriage-riding side-by-side in the happy ending through well-tended lands". Zekefilm

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