The Golden City

The Golden City

Die Goldene Stadt (Original Title)

Anna Jobst is the daughter of a rich, conservative farmer. Living on the bank of the Moldau, she wishes nothing more than to follow the river to Prague, the "Golden City". When her father makes a journey, she actually breaks away against his declared will. In Prague, she stays with her aunt, soon to be seduced by her degenerate cousin. This cousin, however, loses interest in her, when news reaches the city that her father has disinherited her. Pregnant and desperate, Anna decides to return home, but is turned away.

1h 50min
December 25, 1942
Admin comments

Emotional and beautifully shot, "Die goldene Stadt" was one of the biggest hits of German cinema in the forties, not only in Nazi-Germany, but all over Europe. It was Harlan's first feature film in Agfacolor and clearly his use of color is not as elaborate yet as in "Immensee" or "Opfergang", but still quite impressive, especially in Söderbaum's vision of the "golden city" and the finale on the moors. Söderbaum's acting has a natural and sometimes dreamlike quality - no doubt she was one of the stars of European cinema the camera really loved. There are some ideological undertones reflecting the political climate, but certainly not more than in the Soviet or American films of that period.

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