The Holiday Child

The Holiday Child

Das Ferienkind (Original Title)

A non-political, country school with young children, who are not members of the Hitler Youth. Hans Moser is either a counselor or a teacher or both. His daughter and his son in law are sending their only son to this country school and camp. Some of the teachers are eccentric . One has a fish and a pet bird and treats them like children; another has a cactus and treats it like a human being. The boy students get real mischievous. One trims the cactus. The teacher gets mad when she catches him and chases him around the room until Moser comes in and stops her, causing a lot of shtick. One other boy picks apples for one of the teachers but takes a bite of one of them before he puts it on the table. Hans plays with one of the students with a train set. To say it's a comedy not to be taken seriously is rather an understatement.

1h 25min
June 22, 1943
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