The Making of a King

The Making of a King

Der alte und der junge König (Original Title)

The conflict between the young Crown Prince Friedrich (the future Friedrich the Great) and his strict father, Friedrich Wilhelm I is at the center of this historical drama. The “Soldier King” wants to turn his musical son into a model of discipline, who, in turn, rebels against his father’s severe behavior. When his attempt to secretly flee to England fails, the crown prince has to watch, how his best friend is executed on orders from his father. The two remain distant from one another and it’s only when Friedrich Wilhelm is dying that a reconciliation is affected.

1h 31min
September 1, 1935
Admin comments

The film belongs to Emil Jannings who is simply magnificent as Frederick 1st. He succeeds in engaging our sympathy despite his tyrannical, authoritarian nature and his scenes with the excellent Werner Hinz as the future Frederick the Great are stunning. Excellent performance also from Georg Alexander as a foppish Prince of Bayreuth, and from the always marvelous Friedrich Kayssler as von Katte's father who stoically accepts his son's execution as an expediency. This movie was banned by the allies (so called “liberal democracies”) until 1958.

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