The March to the Führer

The March to the Führer

Der Marsch zum Führer (Original Title)

Marching boots were heard on German roads years before the Second World War, as each summer thousands of Hitler Youth traveled on foot from their home towns to Nuremberg to participate in the annual Nazi Party Congress. This Third Reich propaganda film tells of these columns as they march through the mountains, forests, fields and towns of Hitler's realm. Their pilgrimage is climaxed by the colorful ceremonies of the Nuremberg Congress as they parade before their Führer and are addressed by Nazi youth leader Shirach, Rudolf Hess, and Hitler himself. Behind the splendid pageantry of this film and the remarkable discipline of its participants is revealed, as vividly as in any cinematic record in existence, the skill of the Nazi leaders in preparing Germany's youth, both physically and psychologically, for war.

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