The Master of the World

The Master of the World

Der Herr Der Welt (Original Title)

On a business flight home, the machine maker Dr. Erich Heller excites the mining engineer Werner Baumann with his vision: Humanity should play a part in the progress of technology; and man and machine should work together in harmony (just ask all those unemployed auto-workers about that!). Afterwards, they part ways. But hardly has Baumann returned to his mine at Ehrenberg that he becomes witness to a horrible accident: bad weather leads to the death of a lot of miners.

1h 30min
August 11, 1934
Admin comments

It’s one of several science fiction movies made in Germany during the early thirties. Some of the scenes are incredibly striking; the two scenes in the mine (one in which workers flee in terror from some unseen force spitting fire, another in which a worker maintains a set of robot miners) are very impressive, and all the scenes involving the mad scientist in his lab are moody and exciting. Also, this movie has a lot of social context.

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