The Rainer Case

The Rainer Case

Der Fall Rainer (Original Title)

Germany in the fall of 1918: Accompanied by the Archduke Karl Maria, Princess Henriette von Battenstein makes an inspection tour of hospitals. During these inspections, she meets Lieutenant Rainer, the former conductor of the State Opera. When she later makes music with him in the Archduke's castle, she becomes the unwilling witness to a secret cease fire negotiation.

1h 30min
May 12, 1942
Admin comments

A melodramatic love story in a poetic romantism genre. I believe that the best moment in the movie is on the 14th-17th minute, when Prinzessin Henriette von Battenstein (Luise Ullrich) and Franz Rainer (Paul Hubschmid) rehearse music. You can see without a word said, just through the power of music and face expressions how their love sparks and mutual attraction develops.

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