The Rothschilds’ Shares in Waterloo

The Rothschilds’ Shares in Waterloo

Die Rothschilds - Aktien auf Waterloo (Original Title)

Anti-Semitic and anti-British propaganda film about the rise of the Jewish banker family Rothschild at the beginning of the 19th Century. The family's grand coup is the spreading of a rumor that the English lost against Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. The result is a severe downgrading in the value of England's government bonds and after the Rothschilds buy them up at the artificially low price, they make a fortune when the rumor turns out to be false. The final scene shows a burning Star of David atop a background image of the map of England.

Admin comments

Unfortunately, there is some truth (maybe a lot) in this portrayal of unscrupulous Jewish banking family. Terms like “ethics”, “national interests” are foreign to them. Just take a look at Goldman Saks’ dealings with China. This mostly Jewish run company would sell and buy USA 10 times on any given day. Watch the play “The Lehman Trilogy” on Broadway. Read about Sackler family and opioids. The main theme that all Jews are agents of Jerusalem is explicitly stated in the end. This is ridiculous. One can just look at Soros’s activities, whose main goal is destroying Israel. As a Jew I have to admit that Erich Ponto hit a slam dunk in his portrayal of a greedy Jewish money lender in a scene with the Prince of Hesse (first 5 min of the movie). You can also take a look at the portrayal of Mayer Rothschild in a 1934 Hollywood production (20th Century Pictures) titled “The House of Rothschild”. Could not be more anti-Semitic. No wonder, it was used in the German antisemitic propaganda film The Eternal Jew (1940).

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