The Secret of Cavelli

The Secret of Cavelli

Hohe Shule (Original Title)

For the first time ever, the world-renown Carlo Cavelli is appearing with his Lippizaner in Vienna! He's a secretive man, whose real name no one knows, and who always wears a black mask when performing. Sitting at the premiere performance is Irene von Ketterer, who spontaneously decides to become a performer after watching Cavelli's act. She succeeds in getting to Cavelli, who normally is entirely unapproachable, and begs for riding lessons. When he hears her name, however, dark memories suddenly come to him. Nevertheless, Cavelli feels drawn to Irene and eventually asks her to marry him. Insane with joy, she rushes home to get her papers to travel to London with Cavelli and discovers a photo of her deceased brother Franz with Cavelli. Oh, oh ...

1h 30min
March 22, 1935
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