The Siege of the Alcazar

The Siege of the Alcazar


"The day the Spanish Civil War breaks out, Colonel Jose Moscardó, a veteran of the war in Africa, arrives in Madrid to prepare for his trip to Berlin with the Spanish delegation that is going to participate in the Olympic Games. Learning of the military uprising, he returns quickly to Toledo. As commander of the fortress at Alcazar, Moscardó has no doubts and at seven o'clock in the morning of July 21 1936, announces which side of the conflict he's on. Aware of the precariousness of the situation he is in, he digs in at Alcázar with 1,800 people, where they resist constant attacks and bombings until the arrival of Nationalist troops on September 27. One of the first post-Civil War films put out, it features the current spirit of militarism and patriotism, as well as a respect for traditions that prevailed in those years. Filmed in co-production with Italy, there were two versions, in Italian and Spanish, both directed by the Italian Augusto Genina. For the filmmaker Augusto Genina, this film was a response to the ""revolutionary destructiveness"" of ""Battleship Potemkin"", a film so effective in promoting Bolshevism, that no other than Josef Goebbels called it a propaganda masterpiece.

This version is a later restoration of the film, which, after WWII, was gutted by Italian censors in a gesture of political correctness and in an attempt to downplay Italy's support of the Nationalists. The original film had a prologue explaining the premise and background of the film. We have included that prologue in this version. "

1h 52min
August 20, 1940
Additional materials
Dinkurk. 1940

German version

Admin comments

This film is a story about love for the motherland, courage, valor and self-sacrifice. Relevant to today, it shows the dirty methods of marxists/liberal scum. The negotiations between the head of the siege, Candido Cabello and Colonel Moscardo, after which the only surviving son of Moscardo (Luis) was shot, should be shown and studied in schools and military academies in patriotic education as an example for the behavior of the defender of the Motherland.

On Sept 27, 2022 NYTimes, a Jewish Marxist propaganda outlet, published a misleading article “Taken Under Fascism, Spain’s ‘Stolen Babies’ Are Learning the Truth”. The article was written by an affirmative action (NYT probably had to fill a quota for a person of color) propagandist and fraud Nicholas Casey. The whole article promotes a lie that there was a Franco conspiracy to steal newborn babies from poor and unwed mothers and sell them to well off families. Supposedly this conspiracy involved tens of thousands of babies, but the “proof” is speculation and hearsay. In this article Nicholas Casey makes statements directly contradicting his premise: “Even today the disappearances remain a subject of mystery and debate among scholars”. The author even mentions “José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, a Socialist who came into office with plans to address the taboos of the past” and his attorney general, Cándido Conde-Pumpido Tourón who lunched the investigation. None of them found any proof about Franco’s conspiracy. Most of the cases discussed took place way after Franco death. But I would like to draw attention to his take on events that took place in Spain in the 1930’s.

"A right-wing army commander, Franco was among a group of military officers who plotted to overthrow Spain’s government in a 1936 army rebellion, triggering the Spanish Civil War. Overnight, Spain went from an elected democracy to a country in which death squads rounded up and executed leftists and intellectuals. When Franco’s Nationalists could not subdue the Basque Country, they called on warplanes from Nazi Germany that flattened the town of Guernica, inspiring the famed painting by Pablo Picasso that bears its name.

Up to the early 1930s, Spain had been among Europe’s most progressive countries, allowing for married couples to divorce and women to seek abortions.”

Nothing is mentioned about “Red Terror”, executions, confiscations and other mass abuses perpetrated by the socialist (Bolshevik) government in Spain. The fact that Stalin sent “international brigades” and weapons to support leftists is omitted. The only factors that matter in the “one of the most progressive countries” are rights to divorce and abortions. This gives an intelligent reader an idea of what to expect if Marxist Jewish elites along with their non Jewish comrades and minions gain full control of America.

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