The Star of Africa

The Star of Africa

Der Stern von Afrika (Original Title)

Germany, during the Second World War. Friends Robert and Jochen are sent off to Africa as fighter pilots. Jochen, above all, is on his way to becoming a real folk hero, thanks to his numerous kills of enemy planes and his fearless maneuvers. While back home on leave, this pilot, much honored by Hitler, falls in love with the student Brigitte … and it isn’t long before Jochen is asking himself what the whole point of the War is about.

1h 44min
August 13, 1957
Admin comments

This post war film is good for the purpose of a quality comparison with the Third Reich war films. Clearly this is an apologetic, pacifist movie. Apparently, the officers did not know what they were fighting for. There is no mentioning of Stalin's/Soviet menace, their "usefull idiots" allies like the USA and Britain or Jewish Marxism/Bolshevism in general.

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