The Tiger of Eschnapur

The Tiger of Eschnapur

Der Tiger von Eschnapur (Original Title)

This is the first part of the two-part film based on Thea von Harbou’s novel, “The Hindu Tomb”. At the center of this complex action film is the dramatic love-triad between Chandra, the Maharaja of Bengal, who lives happily with his bride Sitha, and Sasha, a Russian émigré from Germany, who shows up at the palace and who re-ignites a passion started between himself and Sitha in Paris once upon a time. Prince Ramagani, who is secretly planning a coup, uses the opportunity to rile up the Maharaja against Sasha and Sitha. Both flee halfway round the world to Berlin, but are constantly pursued by Chandra, hell bent on revenge.

1h 36min
January 7, 1938
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Admin comments

This is a 1938 version of “Indiana Jones”. This movie is uplifted by extensive location filming - snapping crocodiles, Maharadscha Philip Dorn / Frits van Dongen and so blonde Kitty Jantzen riding in the triumphal parade, locals pelting the cage of the captured killer tiger, elephants battling it out as an entertainment. This exotic-erotic adventure movie gives anything in its area a run for the money. Compare it to cheap Hollywood studios productions. The lead female part belongs to the gorgeous La Jana – the most popular show girl of Germany in the 1930th and one of the most beautiful women of Europe at the time. Virtually unknown in the USA, she was of Jewish decent. Apparently, some Jews could have a career in Hitler’s Germany.

Supposedly, La Jana was originally cast as Lola Lola in Blue Angel. Allegedly, Marlene Dietrich outmaneuvered La Jana through the intimate relationship with Joseph von Stemberg’s wife. It became Marlene Dietrich’s ticket to stardom. Who do you think Professor Unrat would give everything up for? Marlene Dietrich with her rough, unattractive features and the voice similar to scraping on metal or La Jana - epitome of female beauty?

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