The Trip to Tilsit (DIGITAL QUALITY)

The Trip to Tilsit (DIGITAL QUALITY)

Die Reise Nach Tilsit (Original Title)

Endrik Settegast is a well-to-do fisherman on the Curonian Spit. He has an harmonious life with his wife Elske and his small daughter. But then he meets the pretty Polish woman Madlyn and a passionate love affair develops between the two of them, which threatens the marriage despite Elske's battle to keep it alive. Endrik takes notice of Elske's efforts and stays with his family. Madlyn leaves the village; but returns again later on and their affair begins anew. Endrik still loves this woman and wants her to himself. Caught in a desperate situation, he makes a fateful decision: During a boating trip to Tilsit, he will murder his wife.

1h 41min
December 7, 1939
Admin comments

Another gem directed by the great Veit Harlan. As usual, top-quality film in every aspect. Actors live through their roles. Kristina Söderbaum gives a magnificent performance. The cast and the director turn even small parts into acting masterpieces. Very well written. Dialogs are very meaningful. One of the topics raised is a theme of femme fatale. What was the reason Endrik was willing to give up everything for Madlyn and Madlyn’s relentless pursuit of Endrik? Sexual desires? I also think that the entire episode with the fur coat purchase is out of context and diminishes the value and the character of the movie.

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  • admin
    December 1, 2021


    6 out of 10

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