The Ugly Girl

The Ugly Girl

Das hässliche Mädchen (Original Title)

The accounting department of an insurance company is looking for a new secretary. To prevent a repeat of the eternal love affairs between the employees, the head of personnel -- no doubt taking advantage of the not-yet-existent anti-discrimination laws -- is seeking the ugliest troll of a woman he can find to do the office typing. And he believes he's found her in the nondescript Lotte. But the bookkeeper Fritz is deeply offended by such mean, discriminatory practices. He decides he's going to correct the boss' disgusting behaviour by going one better: to prove that even ugly people deserve to reproduce, he's going to hit up on Lotte. But the joke's on him, because the boss deals with the two offensive discriminatory practices by committing a third one: he fires the ugly woman. Fritz feels so guilty for getting her fired --- but not for playing with her heart to prove a point -- that he puts in a good word for her with the director. And after some complications --- getting a dog license? --- he promptly falls in love with her. Moral of the story? That true love is based on what one has inside and not how one looks on the exterior ... a rather ironic lesson lost on the powers that be in Germany at the time.

1h 14min
September 8, 1933
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