The Vulture Wally

The Vulture Wally

DIE GEIERWALLY (Original Title)

In the mountains of the Ötztal, the wealthy Fender (Eduard Köck) and Wally (Heath Hatheyer), his only daughter and heir, manage a small farm. He wants to marry the rich, but boring, Vincent (Leopold Esterle). Wally escapes to a mountain hut, where she lives alone and withdrawn. Her love belongs to the hunter, Joseph (Sepp Rist). When she unwisely takes a young vulture from its nest and is attacked by the mother, Joseph comes to her aid and from that point on, she fondly calls him her "Geierwally". He also feels attracted to her, but Wally can't escape the feeling, that the young Afra is his mistress. Mad with jealousy, Wally announces that she'll marry the one who kills Josef. Vincent wants to earn her hand and is determined to kill the Geierwally. Just in time, though, the actual relationship between Joseph and Afra is clarified.

1h 43min
August 12, 1940
Admin comments

Very detailed depiction of customs and traditions of mountain farmers. Excellent mountain landscape photography. The movie underlines the connection between the people and the land – “blood and soil” ideology. These ideas infuriate rootles cosmopolitan Marxist/liberal jews whose goal is to beak these ties and slander the history of the nation states in order to internally colonize local population.

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