The Woman of My Dreams

The Woman of My Dreams

Die Frau meiner Träume (Original Title)

George Jacoby's musical comedy was tailor made for the UfA diva Marika Rokk. As a musical revue star, Julia Koster flees to the mountains in a train to finally escape the hustle and bustle of the theatrical world. Somehow, she ends up alone in the wilderness with nothing more than a fur coat (what? a fur coat? in 1944 Germany?!?) and is saved by the engineers Erwing Forster and Peter Groll. Unaware of Julia's identity, Groll falls in love with her. For her part, Julia is enjoying the simple life in the mountain settlement and has discovered she can be quite the housewife, when she wants to be. Unfortunately, Julia's theatre director has caught up with her and is threatening to upset the social apple cart.

1h 33min
October 6, 1944
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  • admin
    December 1, 2021

    look ok

    9 out of 10

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