Tugboat M 17

Tugboat M 17

Schleppzug M-17 (Original Title)

A conservative moral play from the lives of harbor families: the sailor Henner Classen lives and works with his family on a barge. One day, Classen's wife Maria saves young Jacob from his drunk father. The Classens take Jacob along on the barge and soon, the young man becomes part of the family. But when Henner rescues the young criminal Gescha from the basin of the harbor and brings him on board, the idyll situation on the barge is endangered.

1h 18min
December 30, 1933
Admin comments

Another film about a man in a midlife crisis. The story is simple: George plays Henner who lives with his wife and child on a tugboat, going on the river to Berlin. There he meets the attractive Gescha (Betty Amann, of "Asphalt" fame), and a story of love, betrayal and sadness ensues. While this is impressive in itself in spite or perhaps because of the acting being a little 'rougher' than in your usual UFA film, another layer of attraction is created by the film becoming almost a sort of city symphony in places. Wonderful to see the old Berlin at the end of the Weimar era: the Kurfürstendamm, the Potsdamer Platz, neon advertisements for Persil washing-powder - all photographed and edited gorgeously. A very lyrical film which makes great use of music and sound and shows all of Hochbaum's talent as a director and editor, too.

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