Two in a Big City

Two in a Big City

Zwei in einer großen Stadt (Original Title)

1941: the young Air Force sergeant Bernd Birkhoff has gotten a three-day pass and wants to spend one of those days visiting old acquaintances in Berlin. At the railway station Friedrichstrasse, he gets to know the Red Cross volunteer Gisela and both are attracted to each other on sight. A short time later, they meet once again at Wannsee as his acquaintances weren't able to meet him. The friendship between the two grows deeper, but a hidden jealousy keeps Gisela at arm's length. Only when they meet for a third time do the two admit to their love for each other; but then end up separated again. Finally, that evening, they meet once more and all the misunderstandings are cleared up; but then they only have an hour left together before the soldier must leave once more for the front.

1h 20min
January 23, 1942
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