Venus on Trial

Venus on Trial

Venus vor Gericht (Original Title)

"The Nazis' Only Cinematic Attack on Degenerate Art"
A statue unearthed in a field causes a sensation when experts proclaim it authentically ancient. However, it was created by Peter Brake, a young sculptor who buried it in order to expose the eminent “experts” who authenticate it. When Brake announces that he is the statue’s creator, a trial ensues, and it is discovered that Brake is a member of the NSDAP. Jud Süss and Der ewige Jude are anti-Semitic films that came out in 1940. Venus on Trial (Venus vor Gericht, 1941) is a comedy and much milder than those. Director Hans Zerlett had made an earlier anti-Semitic film, Robert and Bertram (1939), likewise a comedy. Venus was part of the Nazi degenerate-art campaign launched in 1937. Peter Brake’s targets are the Jewish-dominated art dealers who swindle Germany by selling worthless art for prodigious sums. Were it not for the anti-Semitic content, the picture’s reputation might be enviable for it is quite hilarious to watch the “experts” getting their comeuppance! Venus on Trial enjoyed a long run, made a lot of money, and made a lot of people laugh. It hasn’t been seen since.

1h 27min
June 4, 1941
Admin comments

Siegfried Breuer is stellar. Very accurate description of the contemporary state in the “modern’ art business, where unscrupulous dealers and so-called experts are pushing and promoting degenerative “art” on illiterate public. Remarkably, the New York Times article (attached) describes in detail how the Jewish art dealers using art for money laundering, tax evasion on a global scale and manipulate the prices on the global art markets. On top of it, it appears the one family (Wildersteins) colluded with nazis (Soros’s blueprint) to rob other jews of art possessions for a piece of the action.

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