Vienna Blood

Vienna Blood

Wiener Blut (Original Title)

The second of Forst's Viennese Trilogy- Operette (1940), Wiener Blut (1942) and Wienner Maedeln (1945). During the Vienna Congress, the north German Count Wolkersheim is bored to tears as Prussian diplomat in the Habsburg court and smears the city's beloved walzes as "senseless garbage", which leads to a fight with his wife, Melanie. He's taught otherwise pretty soon and falls for the charming dancer, Liesl. The unexpected return of his wife is confused with the dancer at the court ball.

1h 46min
April 2, 1942
Admin comments

Willi Forst, the master of the Vienna operetta movie genre, created another little gem with this movie. The story is set in the old Vienna of the 1890's, and Hans Moser and Theo Lingen are excellent as the two rivalling butlers. The strong supporting cast, including Willy Fritsch, Maria Holst and - last but not least - Fritz Imhoff also deliver top notch performances.

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