Waltz War

Waltz War

Walzerkrieg (Original Title)

The royal court musical director of Great Britain is on his way to Vienna. He has a rather difficult mission to carry out: He is to locate the best waltz band with the best waltz composer and director and bring them back with him to His Majesty in London. So that he might accomplish his mission more easily, Ilonka has been placed at his disposal, a former "puszta girl", who became a star in the imperial ballet in Vienna. Arriving in Vienna, Sir Philips is faced with yet another problem: the band he has chosen is a real mess of high drama: The timpanist Gustl is in love with the daughter of the bandmaster Lanner; always misses his entrances because of it and is eventually fired.

1h 33min
October 7, 1933
Admin comments

This is arguably Ludwig Berger's most successful film. The 'war' over the best Waltz unfolds in Vienna in the first half of the 19th century. The film is dominated by Waltz music, dance and song. It was directed by Jewish film maker Ludwig Berger who was forced to flee Germany after 1933. He emigrated to Hollywood, but was unable to establish himself and returned to Europe. He subsequently worked both in France and Germany. It would make you wonder why he went back to live and work in Germany. Probable answer is that it was extremely difficult for a creative, independent and talented filmmaker (even Jewish) to succeed in shtetl, semi-literate Marxist Hollywood.

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