Water for Canitoga

Water for Canitoga

Wasser für Canitoga (Original Title)

n the spring of 1905, the water conduit project in the Canadian city of Canitoga is set to be completed. For years, the completion had been marred by sabotage. Engineer Oliver Montstuart commands the last blasting operation. But again, the explosive charge is too large and thus, further construction is forestalled again. When Montstuart confronts foreman Westbrook, the foreman threatens him with a knife. In self-defence, Montstuart shoots him. Now, he has to flee. Under the name of Nicholsen, he returns to Canitoga and risks everything. Although there is a warrant for his arrest, Montstuart returns to the construction site and introduces himself as a new worker to the engineer Ingram. He soon finds out that the construction is still sabotaged and that Ingram is responsible for the sabotage. But Ingram already knows that Nicholsen is Oliver Montstuart. He commands that Montstuart's friend Reechy be shot and agitates Montstuart's fellow workers against him. But Montstuart manages to calm the workers down as there is much more at stake. The whole construction project is severely threatenend by a leak. In danger of his life, Montstuart has to close the leak to prevent an imminent explosion...

1h 59min
March 10, 1939
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