When You’re Young, the World Belongs to You

When You’re Young, the World Belongs to You

Wenn du jung bist, gehort dir die Welt (Original Title)

Carlo,gardener in a rich Italian villa with an extraordinary voice, has grown with their master's daughter Lisetta, and now he is in love with her. Before proposing he wants to succeed as singer. Then and only then will he come back to her.

This film was considered lost for a long time and only by chance one copy was discovered in Holland (that's why the Dutch credits and subs remained on the film). The quality of the tape leaves much to be desired, but there is no other copy. Some of the sound is slightly interrupted due to film splicing. But even in this form, the film will not leave the audience indifferent and will show the height and beauty of the extraordinary voice of the amazing singer Joseph Schmidt, almost unknown to the American audience. And the work of S. Z. Sakall, who is well known in American cinema, is also remarkable and interesting, but his roles in German cinema are not as known to American audience. He began acting in Germany and was a veteran of German, Hungarian and British cinema by the time he arrived at Hollywood. He always played the roles of sweet and kind men.

The three years in Berlin before the National-Socialists came to power, during which the singer sang on the radio in 37 performances, were the happiest in Schmidt's life. Under the National-Socialists, Schmidt sang two more opera roles. And then there was a ban on his work on the radio. The surprising thing is that his records could be freely purchased in Germany until 1938...

1h 17min
January 31, 1934

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