What Women Dream

What Women Dream

Was Frauen Traumen (Original Title)

Rina Korff is a kleptomaniac. She’s always stealing valuable gems from jewelry stores. Her elegant admirer, Mr. Levassor, is always following her and pays for the stolen gems without her knowing it. Nevertheless, criminal commissars Fuessli and Kleinsilber are tasked with catching the thief. Their only clue is a glove with the scent or a rare perfume, which she left behind in a jewelry shop.

1h 30min
March 16, 1933
Admin comments

Was Frauen Traumen. Light comedy, probably made for the female audience, including some musical numbers (the title song ""Der Weg zu dir"" is repeated in various versions plus there is the song ""Ja, die Polizei.."" sung by Peter Lorre and Nora Gregor).

Billy Wilder (a Jew), who co-authored the screenplay, was surely the biggest success story to emerge from the project. He made it to America, wrote for Lubitsch and others, and subsequently became one of Hollywood's top directors. He was a real talent, who made it in Hollywood. A rare exception. This was a big loss for the German cinema.

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