Whom the Gods Love

Whom the Gods Love

Wen Die Goetter Lieben (Original Title)

After a quarrel with his employer, the Archbishop of Salzburg, Hieronymus von Colloredo, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart leaves on a trip to Paris in 1777 accompanied by his mother. While on the journey, Mozart successfully begs his mother to make a stopover in Mannheim, so he can visit Aloisia Weber, in whom he fell in love not long before. For her part, Aloisia gets a job at the Royal Court by introducing a piece by Mozart. Reluctantly, Mozart continues his trip to Paris. But the success he enjoyed in Paris as a Miracle Child is long past. On top of that, his mother ends up dying there. And so, Mozart returns to Salzburg. A few years later, he moves to Vienna. After some professional setbacks --- at this time, Mozart was holding his head above water by giving music lessons --- his friends appeal to the court musician von Strack to intercede on Mozart’s behalf.

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